NHS Price Bands

Castle Street Dental Practice is proud to provide treatment is available under the NHS.

NHS charges as of 1st April 2018 are as follows:

Band 1

This includes an examination, diagnosis and preventive care, X-rays, as well as planning for further treatment.

Band 2

This includes any one of treatment band 1, and additional treatment such as fillings (one or more), root canal treatment and/or extractions.

Band 3

This includes all the treatment in the first two bands plus more complex procedures such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

Scaling and polish has been removed from NHS contract . However, the practice is providing scaling and polish to our patients on a private basis.
The fee for urgent treatment falls under Band 1.

If you are one of the following you are considered exempt and would not be charged for any treatment:


Under 18, pregnant or had a baby within 12 months


18 years of age and still in full time education


Income related employment and support allowance (Guaranteed Only)


Pension Credit Guarantee Credit (Guaranteed Only)


Receiving income support, job seeker’s allowance, Universal Credit or tax credit (Exemption Cards Only)

You also receive free examinations if you are under 25 or over 60, but may need to pay for additional treatment if needed.

* NB – Proof of exemptions will need to be shown at the start of each new course of treatment.